Title: Feminine.50x70 cm. Giclée limited edition prints. By Noumeda Carbone.
From a limited edition of 200, signed and numbered on the back
Size: 50 × 70 cm (19,69 27,56 in).
This artwork is sold unframed.
Published on:
*Vogue/The trends Blog
*Pink Attitude, the contemporary female creativity, by Enrica Mannari, Happy Books, 2008.
*Penthouse-Magazine Russia.
*Be|Different magazine*DPI Design Stars Boulevard Vol.05 Taiwan dpi magazine "Illustration of stylish feminine.
*DIR EN GREY "In weal or woe" DVD special edition box. Art Director: Takeshi Hamada. Japan 2008.*
*ANTI Magazine N°2". theme: COUPLE.

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