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hand drawing by Noumeda Carbone
The challenge
hand drawing on paper
The garden 5
Personal project
Personal project
La mujer que salvaba de la sombra...
hand drawing on paer
Hand drawing by Noumeda Carbone
P#2.100x100cm.Published on:* "Pink Attitude, the contemporary female creativity", Enrica Mannari, Happy Books, 2008.* Etel magazine No.3Exhibitions:Affordable Aart Fair, Brussels.
Portrait 32
Ink drawing on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
Strange as it may seem, ....
ink portrait 38. Drawing on acid-free cotton paper 300 gr. By Noumeda Carbone.
The garden 1. Black and white refined optical pattern
Black and white nature inspired optical art by Noumeda Carbone. 140x200 cm on canvas.
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