“Postcards from an artist”, 
one of a kind affordable original art

My Home Gallery invited me to realize 20 handmade postcards,
that You can easily browse and buy through the Gallery.

Each work can be purchased online and are shipped in My Home Gallery Packaging, which becomes a frame to hang the postcards. 
In addition, the packaging includes a certificate of authenticity with my original signature.

To see the entire collection, please follow this link: https://goo.gl/nJH678

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mirror#2 published on: Communication-Art-50-Anniversary-issue-2009
Portrait #23. Ink drawing by Noumeda Carbone
Portrait #23. Ink drawing by Noumeda Carbone
Portrait 6
Ink on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
private garden
Private Garden. Size: 19.7 x 19.7 in. From a limited edition of 200. Signed and numbered on the back.
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“Contemporary art in the urban space 2nd edition POSTER ART” by Noumeda
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Original hand drawing on watercolor Fabriano paper by Noumeda Carbone.
Flowers. Ink and markers on paper
Flowers. Ink drawing on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
Skull black and white pattern
Skull Pattern. Illustration by Noumeda Carbone for Umberto Giannini Hair Cosmetics, UK
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