Street art - Contemporary art in the urban space

“Contemporary art in the urban space 2nd edition POSTER ART” by Noumeda

POP UP 2009 “Contemporary art in the urban space 2nd edition / POSTER ART” 
Photo by buttha
POP UP ANCONA “Contemporary art in the urban space 2nd edition / POSTER ART” 
A production of MAC – Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee
Ancona, June/September 2009
An international Convention of icon/poster, graphic and photographic art works of the contemporary artistic cultures in the world, as a free expression of philosophies, poetry, resistance, superfluous, movements, love and substratum.

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The Garden 2
Black and white nature inspired optical illustration by Noumeda Carbone. This floral pattern is full of details.
DOn't wash your lips. Hand drawing,
Postcards drawing by Noumeda Carbone
Portrait 15
Portrait #15.Drawing by Noumeda Carbone Ink and pigment liner on 100% acid free cotton paper 300gr. Size: 20x20 cm (7.9 x 7.9 x 0.1 in)
Flowers. Ink drawing on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
Sculptures made with pills
Empty capsules art. Pills sculptures by Noumeda Carbone
3D House of Cards, Amsterdam light festival 2015
The Queen of Spades and the Queen of hearts by Noumeda Carbone. House of Cards at Centraal Station, Amsterdam light festival 2015. Installation by OGE Creative Group This year the Oge Creative Group invited me to create some of the cards for their installation “House of cards”, during the Amsterdam light festival. 27/11/2014-18/01/2015
Disease 8
Drawing on paper 300gr 100% cotton, acid free.
Ink Flowers.
Flowers. Hand drawing on 100% acid free cotton paper by Noumeda Carbone
Wearable art made with pills.
Wearable art
Hand drawing by Noumeda Carbone
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