'Resilience', art in the time of Coronavirus
The illustrated imagery of Noumeda Carbone in the days of the Coronavirus
The first author's drawing of The Illustrations of Firenze Made in Tuscany

Born in Paris and raised in Florence, Noumeda Carbone is an internationally renowned artist and illustrator. 
Her visionary, surreal, intimate and detailed style has led her to be named among the 200 best illustrators in the world (Luerzer's Archive Specials 09/10), to exhibit in New York, at the Milan Triennale, at the International Antiques Biennial in Florence, at the Illustration Biennial in the Netherlands and at the Strand Gallery in London, but also to be published in important magazines such as Vogue Trends and Rolling Stone Magazine.

She works in different fields such as fashion, street art, illustration, painting and sculpture to which she approaches by creating suggestive works created mainly with empty medical pills and very bright colors. 
'Resilience' art in the time of Coronavirus (detail)
This is the work he has created for Firenze Made in Tuscany on the theme of Resilience in this very special and complicated historical moment that involves us, but also the whole world. For this work he has chosen to draw his cosmonauts, "dramatic humanoids, sub-body, lucid but sleep-induced, wrapped in patterns that seem endless" (I Paint My Mind by Aaron Jones), protagonists also of other illustrations of the artist, such as the following.
'The believers' art in the time of Coronavirus
'Solitaire' art in the time of Coronavirus
'The date' art in the time of Coronavirus

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