"The works of Noumeda draw upon the worlds of street art and illustration enveloping the viewer with an obsessive detail and an intricate patterning of line. Unmapped Noumeda Carbone’s wall painting “Unmapped ” communicate a bizarre feeling of being stuck in a web of infinite matted wires, vein-like. An invasive and consuming sense of discomfort is a starting point from which her creativity springs. Noumeda shows us how conditioned our lives are. A life of rules, traditions, unstable politics, invasive media and loneliness … Unmapped invite us to explore outside of the box, find a way to build a society where humanity is at the center, borders are just a concept, and what happen on the other side affect the whole system, because at the end of the day, the world is one and we’re all stuck here, but together."
Words by Justin Randolph Thompson e Janine Gaelle​​​​​​​

Forbidden colors.
Painting by Noumeda Carbone.
Art on canvas. 
Dimensions: 210x280 cm.

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