Hand drawing postcards by Noumeda Carbone.
Pigment liner on paper 300gr, 100% E.C.F. (Elemental Chlorine Free).

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Portrait 15
Portrait #15.Drawing by Noumeda Carbone Ink and pigment liner on 100% acid free cotton paper 300gr. Size: 20x20 cm (7.9 x 7.9 x 0.1 in)
Personal project
Hand made postcard
Original hand drawing on watercolor Fabriano paper by Noumeda Carbone.
hand drawn type logo
Black and white hand type logo realized with pigment liner and pencil on paper. Client: Umberto Giannini Hair Care, UK By Noumeda Carbone
ink flowers 36
Ink flowers. Drawing by Noumeda Carbone.
The garden 5
Personal project
Mixed media on canvas.
Fordbidden colors
Mixed media on canvas.
Alice. Markers on canvas 160 x 150 cm.
Pill sculptures exhibition - by Noumeda Carbone
Sculptures and wearable art made with pills. Empty capsules art by Noumeda Carbone.
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