Hand drawing postcards by Noumeda Carbone.
Pigment liner on paper 300gr, 100% E.C.F. (Elemental Chlorine Free).

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Pigment liner and ink on 100% acid free hot pressed 300 g cotton paper. 23x30,5 cm. Handmade item. Drawing by Noumeda Carbone
Why I can't do this simpler than you
Personal work. Why I can't do this simpler than you Pigment liner drawing on paper by Noumeda Carbone
‎leda and the swan‬
‎Leda and the swan‬ Illustration by Noumeda Carbone.
Strange as it may seem, ....
ink portrait 38. Drawing on acid-free cotton paper 300 gr. By Noumeda Carbone.
La mujer que salvaba de la sombra...
hand drawing on paer
mirror#2 published on: Communication-Art-50-Anniversary-issue-2009
portrait 30
Ink drawing on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
Portrait 6
Ink on paper 300gr 100% acid free.
Fuerte Ventura.
hand drawing on cotton paper by Noumeda Carbone
P#9. 235x150 cm.
AAF Brussels 2011 Affordable Art Fair Exhibition. 225x140 cm
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